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At Crossroads all offenders
placed on GPS monitoring are
charged a flat rate of $10.00 per

Offenders do not need to be
placed on supervised probation
with Crossroads in order to
participate in the GPS program.
Crossroads provides the most sophisticated offender monitoring
solutions available to courts and community corrections agencies.  
Services include the following:

  • Pre-Trial
  • Re-Entry
  • House Arrest and Curfew
  • Domestic Violence
  • Gang Control

Offender Monitoring - Our GPS monitoring tracks offenders
outdoors and indoors with
real time monitoring and updates on
activity and location.

Overcrowded jails, soaring incarceration costs and the plain fact that
jail time does not always deter repeat offenders. These are just a few
reasons why law enforcement departments today are adopting
alternative sentencing options - like offender monitoring.

Of course, most offender monitoring systems on the market come
with a significant drawback: they can not detect exactly where
offenders are at any given moment of the day, especially if they are
indoors where GPS coverage does not work. And this poses a
frustrating challenge for officers who need constant visibility into
offender whereabouts in order to truly enforce alternative sentencing.

That is, until now. Crossroads offender monitoring, with dual GPS
and cellular technology, pairs a revolutionary one-piece device with
powerful tracking software. It tracks just as effortlessly indoors as it
does outdoors. And it knows exactly where offenders are around the
clock. Crossroads' solution even allows law enforcement to track
how close in proximity offenders are to potential victims or other
criminal cohorts.  

  • Now our probation officers have true, 24/7 visibility into
    offender whereabouts.
  • The only offender monitoring solution with dual GPS and
    cellular technology that tracks indoors, where GPS alone
  • “Mobile exclusion zones” monitor offender proximity to victims
    and/or cohorts
  • The single unit offender monitoring device is 100% waterproof
    and provides the industry's longest battery life
  • Officers can change the monitoring intensity with web-based
    software – no need to interact with offender

24/7 Monitoring center services give officers out in the field instant
access to alert details.

And that’s it! The profile and any subsequent changes are entirely set
up through our FocalPoint software.
Electronic Monitoring